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The term used to describe the actions of a white ass family. Hokey Dokey is the only way you can truly describe the lives of people this white.
Dad: "Okay kids, hop into the swagger wagon so we can go on a road trip to Disney World!"
Kid: "Yay! I love you Dad!"
Dad: "I love you too champ *noogies sons hair *Uses the word noogie."
Mom: "Make sure everyone has their epipen in their fanny pack."
Dad: "Everyone pet Spike our Black Labrador on the head before we leave."
Kid: "Can we listen to Frozen in the car Mommy?"

Dad: "Has anyone seen my Sperry's?"
Mom: "Our iPad says it's going to Rain today so everyone put on their yellow rainboots and jacket"
Kid: "I have my coloring books and road trip scavenger hunt list"
Dad: "I have the digital camera to record our 'quest' so we can watch it again when we get back"
Grandma: "I made cookies for all of you to take on your trip"
Outsider looking in: "That's some hokey dokey white ass family shit right there."
by Rambitious March 17, 2016
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