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a hogtommy is when a group of friends hang out for a couple days straight, usually on Fridays after school and then on Saturday. They have a jolly good time, but when Sunday comes around it is seemingly impossible for said group of friends to reunite for one last day of awesome chillage. One or two of the friends will make attempts at organizing something, however no plans really ever come together. this is usually due to forgotten homework, chores, and the inability to communicate consistently. one of the friends will probably mosey around town for a while doing nothing in particular until he hears word from one of his fellow Musketeers.
once upon a time there was a group of friends. they wanted to chill. but they were prevented from doing so due to the occurrence of a Hogtommy. damn, what a bummer.

kyle: dude, lets chill today!
peter: for shizzle but first i got some chores
jeremy: me too
kyle: well that puts us in quite the Hogtommy. I guess I'll go wander around for a while. peace

by k-shizz April 19, 2009
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