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Wrestling move made famous by Hulk Hogan. The Hogan Leg Drop is performed after kicking your opponent in the face, knocking them out flat on their back. You then run into the ring ropes for added speed and proceed to jump up and perform a leg drop. The reason the Hogan Leg Drop differes from other wrestlers' leg drops is that it is unstoppable. Only 3 wrestlers are known to have kicked out of the pin after this move was performed: The Ultimate Warrior, The Rock, and Goldberg. Even though this move is extrememly old school, even now when Hogan performs it in the ring it still has the same effect - a win for Hulk Hogan.
JR: Oh my God, King...Hogan gave the big boot to Randy Orton. And now he is signaling for the leg drop!!!

*Hogan then runs into the ropes and performs the leg drop*

JR: 1...2...3! Hogan wins! The Hogan Leg Drop wins it again!!! Hogan is 23,014 - 4 in the impressibe win loss record!
by Tom Sroka November 15, 2007
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Boy: Damn everyone was speechless after Fred dropped the bomb about Anita's baby not being his.
Girl: Yea it was quite the hogan leg drop.
by Vatt Moor January 16, 2012
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