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Hoementum - (momentum with hoes) a term created (in this context) by a Pimp in Landover Maryland named William Jenkins. Hoementum is the affect of gaining the attention of a female that you are interested in by first getting the attention of other females, causing a "bandwagon effect" to occurr where since you're getting so much attention from other females, the female you're interested in begins to get curious, thinking, "what is it about him that girls like so much?" and then has the desire to join the "bandwagon" and see for herself why females are attracted to you. This comes from the fact , even admitted by women of all walks of life, that "no woman wants a man that other women don't want" - if that's the case that means "a woman wants a man that other women do want" (which is the logically equivalent statement).
I was attracted to Jessica, so I came to her party with two girls that I just met and let Jessica see me with them. Jessica approached me later and asked what is it about you that girls like so much. I told her to come find out and she came over. Classic case of hoementum.
by williamjenkins December 02, 2010
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