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Summer, a time when it's socially acceptable to be a hoe. If a guy tries to start a relationship durring this time they will most likely be turned down.
He's trying to date me, not gonna happen it's hoeing season.
by Yeahhhbitchesss June 30, 2017
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While the name may be misleading, "Hoeing Season" is a yearlong event with spiked popularity during the summer months. The main objective is to engage in coitus with as many humans as possible. Contenders typically obtain the most desirable outcome when employing the benefits of birth control, condoms, and regular STD tests.

For more information, please contact the Hoeing Season Commissioner: Christa Lombardi, whom can be found rampaging through the bedrooms of unsuspecting bartenders and personal trainers throughout the greater New York City area
Slept with 9 guys last night
Oh christa you whore
Doesn't count, it's hoeing season - rack em up!!
by Kkengleberry April 18, 2018
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