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A strange coliseum-like structure located in Julian B. Lane Riverfront Park in Tampa, Florida on the shores of the Hillsborough River. Dubbed the Hobo Death Arena (or Coliseum) by members of the St. Lawrence University Crew Team in March 2005, it is the backdrop for epic battles between hobos found on the streets by said crew team on their daily runs from the Days Inn on Dale Mabry Boulevard to Julian B. Lane Park for morning practice during Spring Break. The hobos are allowed a choice of weapons - broken 40 oz. bottles, 2x4s, hypodermic needles found washed up on the docks, pieces of shopping carts or coked-out hookers. The winner is rewarded with a week's supply of Colt 40s and the loser's body is dumped in the Hillsborough River.

Common abbreviation is HDA.
When sent to the Hobo Death Arena, the weapon of choice for most competitors is the broken forty.

One time somebody wrote "SHIT" in shit on the wall of the men's bathroom in the Hobo Death Arena. The Director of Rowing called it Performance Art.
by a dud March 26, 2007
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