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n. 1. A woman of ill repute or other tramp, characterized by her utter lack of decency, class, and self-respect. 2. The "Other Woman." 3. A term of derision for one who flaunts herself shamelessly, yet is considerably less attractive than oneself. 4. A bag, often burlap, used to carry gardening tools, especially hoes.
1. "Delectable though she may be, Shug Avery is no doubt a ho-bag hoe-bag." 2. "I don't know, but once I find that ho-bag hoe-bag, I'm gonna cut off her head and stick it on a pike outside my house!" 3. "Oh hells no who that ho-bag hoe-bag think she be!"
4. "Blast! I seem to have forgotten my ho-bag hoe-bag in the garden!"
by TJ (Treva) November 02, 2006
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