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While this word remains only rarely used, it has still spawned many different meanings during the course of its existence.

1. A synonym for words like slut, whore, ho, bitch, etc.

2. An average girl (a "shana") with super-ho powers. Typically this girl also has the uncanny ability of not only keeping her powers secret, but also appearing to be an exceptionally good person. This can often lead to her covertly destroying a mans life without him ever realizing what is going on.

3. In science, the ho'shana is the term used to identify the variable in the Theory of Super-Ho to Man Paradoxes. Essentially what this highly technical field of study boils down to in the idea that for every human male there exists at least one woman with super-ho abilities who will make it her mission in life to suck his soul away.
1. Guy A: Wow dude! Look at that crazy bitch over there!
Guy B: Damn! What a ho'shana!

2. Guy A: Hey, man that girl over there is makin' the sexy eyes at you. Why don't you go talk to her?
Guy B: I would man, I mean she's hot and looks safe enough, but that's the ho'shana that got Paul last year.
Guy A: Aww damn! Poor Paul... wish we coulda done more for the poor guy...
Guy B: Don't worry about it man; ho'shana's are a dangerous breed...

3.Scientist A: Now if you notice the look of depression and sadness on Paul's face every time ho'shana #157 leaves the room you may begin to see the correlation between her presence and his happiness...
Scientist B: Excuse me Doctor, but what is the theory on the cause of this?
Scientist A: Ahh yes, i was just about to get to that. After years of intensive research and study, my experiment indicates that the ho'shana has actually managed to secretly remove Paul's testicles while she had him distracted with her shapely ass...
by Stainilicious December 14, 2009
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