1. Consider the possibility of being overwhelmed by moe to the extent of having certain or multiple internal organs imploding.

Hnnnnnnnnnnggggg!!! can be considered as a reaction to such incidences of moe overload.

2. Can also be consider as the sound you make when you feel indifferent or annoyed by something
OMG! Azu-Nyan moe' gallery!! I think I... hnnggg!!!!!!!


a. I finally went out with that chick i told you
b. Oh really... hnnggg...
by law-ra August 25, 2009
The feeling one gets when they see their unrequited love/crush on the street. Taken from the sound one makes when experiencing the feeling.
I saw passed her on the street the other day and had a hnnggg
by therealjohnsie November 27, 2016