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Hmargo is a nickname for people called Paige. Its very easy to get the name Hmargo from Paige.. The H in it is SILENT! .. P Dizzle is her stage name when she goes on tour rapping. She has had number one hits with songs you might know as... #Im a whore and I know it.. #Only whore on the block .. #Im a mother f'ing W.H.O.R.E .. All number one hits. She is a fun loving girl and is bit ditsy but still a G DOE!
hperson 1: omg your preggas? what you naming it
hperson 2: Hmargo aka p dizzle?
hperson 1: whys that?
hperson 2: my mother was called Paige, would be nice to name her after her nan
hperson 1: oh thats lovely. also theres than mother f'ing W.H.O.R.E called P-DIZZLE
by irishlianneandcourts November 09, 2011
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