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307,775 words of epic storytelling, crazy complex headcanon, and mindblowing character development, all encased within both the book and movie canon of How To Train Your Dragon, yet maintaining accuracy of time period and relative geography, culture, folklore, and mythology. Will need much brainpower to muscle through the entire thing in one sitting. Described by the author The Antic Repartee as "This is adventure, this is friendship, this is drama, this is humor, this is family, this is fantasy, this is experience." Read at your own risk.
I read Hitchups and my mind exploded.
The writer of Hitchups is a maniacal, sneaky, diabolical genius.
Hitchups is more accurate than my history textbook.
by venturasgirl April 28, 2014
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Someone who wears their pants extraordinarily high and is an all-round nerd/n00b etc. High-pitched annoying whine is caused by pants-induced trauma to the nutsacs generally uses lame, childish, stale comebacks
normalperson:You damn hitch-up fix your pants before your voice makes everyone deaf!
hitch-up: make me *sticks out toungue*
by GHtool July 11, 2006
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