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"Historical Reference"- May be defined as:

1). A human related investigative action, and /or action(s) of, pertaining to, treating, or characteristic of searching for /or researching conditions/ circumstances into past or current data or knowledge of a subject. That attains a methodology from beginning to end of an event or history or past events.

2). Historical records; historical research. Example; searching for data pertaining to the :"Legend of King Author's Grave". A historian, and or archaeologist researches some legendary facts about the location of such a grave. Upon their discovery of new data, knowledge it adds to the past known data. Which includes a brief description of a discovery in historical, archaeological, technical, or scientific research in progress whose disclosure is considered important to the subject area studied. Where the new data/ evidence may be written into an article/ paper, and into a peer reviewed journal. Afterward, the legend transcends into that once it possibly existed and no longer is completely legend. Rather, becomes more of a historical fact or event.

3). Reconstructed data knowledge, facts, or evidence, that creates a situation where legend may become more historically factually correct. Based upon new research. Or, from an event, custom, style, etc., in the past.

4). Having once existed or lived in the real world, or a legend that could become a historical fact based upon the tangible evidence of it.
"Historical Reference": previously the subject matter for instance was just a legend. For example; "Legend of King Author's Grave". A historian, and or archaeologist in their research discovers new data and/or knowledge about the legend that now may be able to make it become more of a historical fact that it once existed or was based upon some other type of tangible evidence. So, now the previous legend become more of a historical fact than just a legend or myth anymore. Or, adds to the past known data, with new data and evidence where the new data and evidence is able to be written as an article or paper, accepted into a professional, scholarly, technical, and/ or peer reviewed scientific journal. Based upon the new data, knowledge, evidence, and/or new discoveries that makes the legend more factual and closer to a historical event.
by R- Ph.D. November 29, 2013
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