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A total douchebag that drives a piece of shit old green pick up truck. A hissingpickle has low self esteem and has probably checked into a mental hospital a time or two. Beware of hissingpickles they are quite dangerous to be around considering they get mad easily due to lack of penis length and muscle strength. The girlfriends of the hissingpickle regress rapidly as the hissingpickle ages and becomes more and more unattractive. Hissingpickles are normally very skinny and have gross teeth. If you see a hissingpickle it will most likely be riding around in it's shitty pick up with a girlfriend that looks like a creature from area 151.
"Did you see that hissingpickle before?"
"Yes..I wish I didn't, my eyes hurt now."
by classypumpkinkicks July 29, 2014
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