n. pl. Can also be preceded by Your when in first person use. An honorific style given to a certain holder of high-rank in the 24 Hours of LeMons race series, an endurance competition for $500 crappy cars. Specifically, this title is exclusively held in reserve for use when addressing or making reference to Spank, also known as The Spank, the person who has won the coveted Index of Effluency more than any other competitor.
"Uh, can someone please go see if there's anyone to tech the car over at HQ before the checkered flag drops in 30 minutes?"

"Yes, Your Effluency. I shall check for you."


"His Effluency would like to tech the CorVegge now. Pray tell, whom must we bribe at this late hour?"
by His Effluency August 10, 2012