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Hiqmah is a very good person. The first time u met her, she is so kind, polite and cute. But once you become more closer to her she will show her true side. The side is crazy, funny, and sometimes are evil. Evil dont mean bully or hurt somebody, it just u found it evil when it just a small thing.

A lot of hiqmah born in August.
She is a stalker.
When u made her angry better run cuz she can hurt somebody with just word.
If she sad, she always tell to someone but sometime she keep it deep in her heart.
When she has a crush, she stalk them like a criminal.
She like k-pop, anime, and everything.

She like to use new word.
You cant find someone like her. She is unique. Its really rare. Once u find a person like this, never let her go.
Me: hey, u my bestfriend right
Hiqmah: i am ur bestfriend! How about u, what u think of me . Friend or bestfriend

Me: what u are my bestfriend! We're friends forever till jannah right
Hiqmah: yea....
by Hiqmah December 28, 2017
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