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Developed recently, the new hipster eurotrash are eurotrash that have adopted the American hipster lifestyle and pretend that it's their own. They began as small groups of Europeans who have become trendy "supercool" American hipster wannabes ever since their home cities set up an American Apparel. They have been infecting larger groups in New York, and their main focus in life is looking "supercool." All in their younger to mid-twenties, they are supported financially by their parents, know more than one language, have travelled to India, study either fashion photography or film, and find their habitats in either SoHo, NoLita, or North Williamsburg. They only eat at posh euro restaurants or bars that serve espresso. They date models or actresses only, and are secretly gay.

What is so unique and distinct about hipster eurotrash is that their minds are all alike. They never disagree with each other, when it comes to filmmakers, their love of suede loafers and lace-ups, and homosexual leather jackets. You will not find a hipster eurotrash that is original or knows how to think on their own, unless it's okayed by fellow hipster eurotrash.

Most of them are still racist (they are, after all, European) and still believe that the white race is the supreme race, but they will most times hide it well with their "politeness." They are rude and snobbish, and quite uneducated. In general the new hipster eurotrash is dumb as a rock.
Look at those hipster eurotrash walk slow in front of that street style photographer in hopes of him noticing them.
by sam3020 July 09, 2010
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