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The act of gathering a group of friends together to track, hunt down, and humiliate hipsters. As you all know, the hipster phenom is sweeping the country more rapidly by the day. Facebook was far too conformist so they seceded to a website where hipster social networking is king - Tumblr. Rebelling against parents, listening to bands whose singers sound like their brains are hemorrhaging, bad-mouthing hot chicks who want talk to them, wearing the same flannel shirt for weeks, not washing their hair - all traits that a hipster is often linked (but not limited) to.

So do the world a favor, call up your buddies, grab a couple cases of beer, get out there and go give these self-righteous tools something that's actually worth crying about!
Realistic Person 1: Dammit I'm so sick of Derrick's gay ass bandanna and his shitty band.

Realistic Person 2: Sounds like somebody's ready for a good ol' fashion hipster hunt!!!
by mtxajw24 December 11, 2011
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