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Hippon is very intelligent and talented. He is a seeker of knowledge and loves to study. He might always ask doubts or try to answer others doubts. He love listening to people, is very compassionate,humble, generous, kind, loving and caring. For someone who has experienced his love and affection it seems to be uncomparable. He is a person who always have a happy face, smiles a lot and loves to be with people who can make him smile.

Hippon loves to be with his family and is extremely affectionate to his siblings. His favorite color is blue and always prefer light and dull colors rather than the dark ones. He is tall, handsome,sexy and above all his personality is his most attractive quality. He never follows but loves to lead.

He doesnt have a lot of friends. He is a silent observer and always notices even the minute details of a person and would befriend only those people who seems to be original and loving.

Like the unique name he has, he is unique in every aspect. Once you come to know about a Hippon , you cant resist falling in love with him. He is an extremely romantic person and is very loyal. To the ones he is comfortable with, he acts like a child.

A Hippon can never be forgotten. He is highly service minded and loves his profession a lot. Lucky are those who are in a relationship with Hippon since he will always be the perfect boyfriend. He will take care of his loved ones unselfishly.

He is fun to be around and loves to sleep.
Girl: If someday i'm going to fall in love with someone it will only be with a Hippon.
by evolet June 14, 2017
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