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when a group of hippies or friends make a circle and pass weed around hit by hit, usually around a campfire
me and my friend had the dopest hippie circle goin
by tohightolie July 30, 2006
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The Hippie Circle was something created at Ammons middle school during the school year of 07-08. It consisted mostly of eighth graders and was a hangout place during odd day third wave lunch time. This group was a tight knit of friends. It was LEGENDARY, and they were the eighth graders that had the MOST fun, always making jokes, the guys doing stupid yet hilarious things. The Hippie Circle was made up of the third period guitar class and the third period band class and we were the BEST eighth graders Ammons ever had. Ammons Class of '08, the hippie circle!!!!!! The hippie circle cannot be replaced, so don't even try it.
*Screaming**YELLING**laughing**stupid activites*
Jose: *throws hands in the air* WHOOO! HIPPIE CIRCLE TIME!
US: wha???
Jose: Yeah, we're now called the hippie circle!
by Delia Lopez June 12, 2008
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