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A rural dweller who combines elements of both hippy and redneck culture. Typical in areas where traditional conservative employment (logging, grazing) has collapsed or been replace by more lucrative alternative agriculture.
"i'll carry a crystal and pistol in my pocket just for luck, and put a peace through music sticker on the back o' my pick-up truck" ~danny dollinger, "hillbilly hippie", classic hipneck song
by slam-o-rama May 24, 2006
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A hybrid of hip-hop and red-neck. Seen throughout the country, a hip-neck is generally white trash, or dub-t. Often seen sporting Dale Earnhardt and Tupac bumper stickers on the same vehicle.
Dale is a real hip neck, he lives in a double-wide trailer with 24 inch rims.
by T Penn November 18, 2007
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Part Hipster. Part Redneck. All the way awesome!
People who live around Zilker park in Austin TX can witness a live hipneck in the wild.
by Stallone Jones July 23, 2010
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The word that best describes all those small town individuals who turn out to be quite redneck as hell, yet, Still run around barefoot smoke the green, Love life, music, family, Friends, Jewlery, Earth, Drugs, Drinking, and all around... " Peace, Love, and Hippie shit!! " can run a chainsaw with the best of them chop wood for 3 hours, (all with no shoes mind you) then head in for a relaxing card game a 5th of jim beam and a nice smot poking, with the likes of Tool, Nirvana, and Yelawolf, filling the air. laughing with friends and thinking of the bon fire for the evening. in a nutshell... one who is wise, and posses the best of country living with the suttle hints of Haight and Ashbury dreams of unity and peace.
Where the hell are you shoes boy? dont those stickers hurt your feet?...." naaaaa Im from Wendell Idaho buddy this is born and raise em Hip-Neck country, anything else beyond them there train tracks is irrelevent and wrong!!
by Luckyscratcch July 17, 2013
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