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1. The act of dressing, speaking, acting, dancing and thinking like a black hiphop rapper by someone who's not black. People usually do so because they think hiphop is the best music for parties and that the fashionNike dunks or whatever the hell you call those big sneakers with fat lips, skinny jeans and a graphic shirt or a baggy shirt that comes with it is the fad of the time.
2. a pretense of having a keen interest in anything related to hiphop music but also being scared of real black men. Usually, this attitude is possessed by white and asian folk.
3. hip-hopcrite is what you call someone who exhibits this
Guy: Dude, the hell are you wearing Vans sneakers and a polo?

Guy2: Why do I have to?
Guy: It's the in thing right now, listening to easily lovable hiphop beats and hiphop couture.
Guy2: You're white, you hip-hopcrite! Stop your hip-hopcracy!
by savantwalker3 October 19, 2010
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