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A hip-hop hitlist is a list compiled for the purpose of organizing the most logical sequence of assassinations to be carried out on individuals who have been identified as contributing factors to the death of true hip-hop. These so-called "artists" have been manufactured and promoted by a heartless record industry intent on commandeering control over a grassroots culture that was born in the streets of South Bronx and thrived for nearly twenty years before businessmen and basketball stars got involved. It was determined in 1996 that the only way to make the message of hip-hop heard by a shockingly ignorant public was to silence the voices with which it must compete. This led to the necessary extermination of Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace, better known as 2Pac and Notorious B.I.G., respectively (or DISrespectively - Rest In Pieces fucking devils!). These were only the first two necessary exterminations in an ongoing campaign to cleanse hip-hop of the filth that big business has dumped on OUR premises.
hip-hop hitlist
1. 2Pac
2. Biggie
3. ?
4. Eminem
5. Ludacris
6. 50 Cent (if not killed first by The Game.)
7. The Game (if not killed first by 50 Cent.)
8. Jay-Z
9. Diddy (or whatever the fuck he wants to be called on his forthcoming tombstone.)
10. Master P ("Take your basketball and stick it up your ass!" - Kool Kieth)
I could keep going, but I'll stop at 10, a nice round number reminiscent of Biggie's fat fucking corpse.
by +12evo12 October 19, 2005
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