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Someone who claims to know a lot about rap and doesn't understand hip hop is a culture not just music. Someone who listens to the radio and only watches b.e.t. a bunch of lames who don't know shit about rap or the old school or underground but act like there hip hop genius . Most of the time posers will say they like a rapper but they've only heard 1 to a few songs courtesy of mtv and there local radio station, also they follow the latest trend in rap while a real hip hop head just dresses like a regular person. Ex: wearing skinny jeans.
Me: nice Eazy E shirt bro.
Poser: I love my 64 I heard it on the radio the other day and I loved it so I bought the shirt. Everyone has one. Me: its called boyz in da hood stupid hip hop poser so do you like n.w.a? Poser: what's n.w.a?
by TXTerror March 05, 2010
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