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Hillaryflakes are people that blindly defend Hillary Clinton, no matter how insane or bat-shit crazy the case may be. They are basically flakes that defend Hillary Clinton by calling republicans special 'snowflakes'. They don't form their own opinions so they just follow what everyone else is doing. They believe everything she says is truth and don't look into the background. They won't admit that she's done anything wrong and believe she is an almighty saviour. Many Hillaryflakes also identify as 'feminist' when in actuality they more closely identify as misandrist. The most loyal Hillary flakes are often between 12 and 28 as they spend upwards of 5hrs a day being influenced by the media. They may actually support the counterpart but if they leave this cult they will be punished.
"She's wearing a 'NOT MY PRESIDENT' shirt and is yelling a man who opened the door for her, wow looks like another Hillaryflake."
"Dude, we gotta get out of here there's Hillaryflakes everywhere!"
"-Woah why is my house on fire!
-You had a Trump sign in your yard, you should know better we live in a neighbourhood of Hillaryflakes"
by Death is futile February 20, 2017
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