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7 different tests that each are 1 1/2 hours and test you on all the $hit you learned since day one of the school year. Its only worth 7% of your final grade for each class. It is a time you have no life because you are busy cramming for the hours of testing ahead especially for Spanish. Other wise known as death.
"Ok, Students its time to have no social life and cram for 7 different tests that each last 1 1/2 hours aka midterms and or finals don't worry about failing it is only worth 7% and your finals count for 7% too. Unless you have a c, which most students do because thats average, and fail you will be fine. Ok say goodbye to a social life and say hello to hell.

"*uck highschool midterms / finals they are a living hell!"
by *ucking school January 09, 2014
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