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High school choir is a noun. It is a group of singers in different sections like soprano, alto, tenor, bass, etc. They are often weirder than band but still not as weird as drama. The altos are typically jealous of the sopranos or the tenors because they wish they could go either higher or deeper. Choir kids and band kids get along either really well, or horrible. Choir kids are also known to randomly burst into a song during other classes, they make a lot of music jokes, and normally there can be lots of drama and tension between the sections. There is normally always a few tenors and basses that believe they can go higher, but really, they can't. Some sorpranos also believe they can go really low, but likewise, it doesn't sound good. Choir teachers normally must have a lot of patience for how routy and inappropriate choir can be.
"Did you know Billy's in high school choir?"

"Of course, he randomly burst into song during math."

"The tenors were so jealous of the sopranos today, they tried to go really high but it sounded too squeaky."

"Ms. Rena really has a lot of patience with those high school choir kids."
by ?.?.?... December 08, 2015
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