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A hiddlestalker is a widely used term for a fan of the actor Tom Hiddleston. Traits of a hiddlestalker include watching every interview of him and tracking where he is based off of what he's currently filming. Most hiddlestalkers live in the Tumblr world and are oblivious to the existence of any other human being. They often angst and cry at the mere sight of the Hiddleston. The evolution from a regular fan to a hiddlestalker is very fast due to the charm and good looks of that fine piece of ass.
Girl 1: I haven't slept in three days. I still have 47 more interviews to watch of Tom Hiddleston.
Girl 2: Stalk much?
Girl 3: Ignore her, she's just another one of those hiddlestalkers
by Eidra March 24, 2013
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