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Any light truck exhibiting one or more of the following:
Any part or all of a rebel flag.
Bumper stickers mentioning guns, fishin', or hound dogs.
Decals depicting anyone pissing on anything.
"Now there's a hickup truck, complete with Yosemite Sam mud flaps."
by Cosmo Polaski August 11, 2006
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a pickup truck adorned with one or more of the following features:

1. Confederate flag sticker
2. Oversized wheels
3. On a lift
4. Mudflaps that actually get used
5. Mud
6. A knife stuck in the front seat
7. A gun behind the seat
8. NASCAR or other racing brand stickers on the back window

This type of truck is usually seen in a hicktown and are driven by guys between the age of 16 and 30.
"Hey look, he made his pickup into a hick-up."

"Look at that confederate flag on his truck that has huge wheels and is on a lift! It's definitely a hick-up truck."
by freckers July 20, 2009
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