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This word is derived from the double entendre/ambiguous parsing of the phrase "shit shitting shit". This phrase can be parsed in two ways.

The first interpretation requires reading the phrase as "shit-shitting shit", where "shit-shitting" is an adjective and "shit" is a noun. This is analogous to "flesh-eating virus".

The second interpretation essentially means the same thing, but is parsed in a different order: the first "shit" is "shitting shit", analogous to "virus eating flesh".

There are two parses, each containing three shits. Thus, there are six shits in this phrase.
Friend 1: Clafton stole my laundry soap!
Friend 2: Wow! He sure is a shit shitting shit!
Friend 1: Ikr! What a hexashitter!
by clafton August 11, 2016
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