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A fashionable/ironic metal head or hipster fan of heavy metal music. Heshsters dress ironically as an 80s hesher-stereotype which includes tight jeans, long hair, reeboks/nikes, Judas Priest/Iron Maiden/Motorhead T-shirts, and often sporting bandana head bands or "Freedom Bands." They can often be seen drinking Pabst or Miller Highlife at hip bars. They sometimes have DJ nights at said bars where they spin such genres as Doom Metal, NWOBHM, or classic heavy psychedelic acts like Sir Lord Baltimore, and The Flower Travellin' Band from Japan.
Caleb is such a heshster, he keeps begging me to come to his DJ night at East End but all he spins is Black Sabbath and Motorhead.

Why did all the heshsters insist on smoking angel dust at the Danava show?

Ryan has become quite the pretentious heshster since he bought that Hawkwind album. He all of a sudden is stroking his cock on those flared jeans that he bought at Buffalo exchange, and the fact that he's old enough to grow a beard. I remember in High School he used to wear ironic Cosby sweaters and talk about how Sleater-Kinney was the best band ever.

All these heshter-fags can't be that cool if they don't like Sepultura!
by StarheimSavage December 28, 2008
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