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A phrase invented by 2 huge dumbasses in their stupidity and boredom. This is just one of a collection of moronic phrases to be released on a CD in the future. It is used whenever there is a silence of more than 2 seconds to instantly make you laugh until the next phrase is uttered.
It was used to describe the dance in "Evil Dead 2" when Ash "dances" to the laughter of the cabin. When this phrase is spoken, one is to, if able, do the same dance in which both arms are bent, upperarms perpendicular to you body and parallel to the ground. Your forearms are to be forming right angles and parallel to te ground as well. Once this has been successfully completed, one would bend one's knee's and sort of "squat" in place. Repeat until laughter dies down or knee's break.
"(silence).... "HERNGY-DERNGY" laughter ensues"
by JackSquat November 30, 2006
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