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He is very smart and won't lie to you ever in his life, no matter what his heart will stick to you if you ever have a chance with him. Hes a great friend and he will always have your back. He has great since of humor and is incredibly intelligent. He's very romantic and who he loves will always be his lover. No one can stop him for what he wants. He cute and doesn't know it. A girl.can be lucky to have him. He will treat you like your the only girl in the world. He's brave, athletic, smart hilarious, positive, romantic,and when he smiles at you, your whole world goes right side up. Everyone likes to be around Him. He does hilariousthings to get your attention. He will always check if your alright, and always says I love

you. He can be very loud, but in a funny way.
Linda: Henssel wrote me a love letter!
Grace: This is your 10th one!
by AnneSky234 January 14, 2018
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