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Henda, that means the best mother in the world! Get to know her and your entire life will change, she is sweet, loving, and very trustworthy💛 She can be emotional sometimes but always has a smile on her face! If you are in a bad mood she can make you have a smile on your face no mater what. She has great taste in men, and she has the best children! She has brown/blonde hair and dark eyes. She is very trustworthy and very valuable she can be a fashion model and she is the best friend you could ever have! She can be a great mother she makes great food and she is like a chef! If you ever date a girl named Henda never lose her she is very valuable and rare she is the best person you will ever meet in your entire life💘
Henda is a very smart girl and very, very sweet with the best personality
Guy 1: Uh I miss that Henda I dated
Guy 2: well you made the wrong choice I will never leave her
Girl 1: I love my mom yara
by ilysmrandom May 15, 2018
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