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Hemry is some one who is very beautiful she is really caring and nice just don’t come at her the wrong way or else she’ll beet ya ass . Hemry is some one who you can always count on she will never let you down . You can always come to her if you need some one to talk to or vent to or if your feeling down . Hemry is a very loyal girl she ain’t like those wack ass bitchs out there 🤣 she will keep it real no matter what you can never question her loyalty . Hemry is sporty and loves to dance all the time but she is also really short . Hemry is well known and is self confident and lovable ❤️ She is really funny and can make u laugh Ya ass off 😂😭 she has a lot of niggas in line tryna get at her but she knows they ain’t worth her time . I love Hemry she is the bestest friend you can ever have❤️
Dammmm is that Hemry
by Baabeyk May 21, 2018
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