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Hemaga (pronunciation HE'-mĭ-juh) adj.

1. Very great in size (mass, weight, girth, height and/or length).
2. Extremely significant and important.

My buddy and I were walking along the railroad tracks to go fishing. We saw a freight train sitting idle on a second pair of rails. One of the boxcars had graffiti spray-painted on the side. The largest piece of graffiti read:
"People Are BIG

We interpretted this as meaning that a piece of machinery is much large than a human being. Even though this is not always true (e.g. person vs. blender), it was true at the time (e.g. person vs. train).
She's too hemaja to wear those Daisy Dukes. (Dad)

I can't read this contract; it's hemaga! (Me, when signing my mortgage)

Whales are hemaga. (Herman Melville)
by Freakin June 16, 2005
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