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word to say after everything you agree with, or you would like to do.
kristen: Hey lets go to a party tonight.
jamie: hellzyeah!
by 123fivee123 November 07, 2009
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An emphatic interjection used to describe the extreme awesomeness of something. Hellz Yeah can be confused with
"Hells Yes," but the latter only describes something kinda awesome. Hellz Yeah, on the other hand, describes something that cannot possibly ever be more awesome
When told that he could have sex with a girl and eat a donut at the same time, Dustin replied, "Are you serious? HELLZ YEAH!"
by C for shore January 02, 2006
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From a popular Boost mobile commercial, "Hellz yeah" is a corruption of Hell yeah.
Rylan: We're gonna go check out the new club, wanna come?

Aiden: Hellz yeah!
by Rylan March 08, 2005
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An intentional perversion of hells yeah, which implies positive confirmation with gusto and emphasis. Primarily used by those trying to be emotive and "cool" without the bother of leaving their computers.
"Yo {sic}, did u {sic} leave ur {sic} guild in World off {sic} warcraft yt {sic}?"
"Hellz yeah!"
"Werd {sic} d00d {sic}. Were {sic} mad kewl {sic}."
by Jalbert May 29, 2006
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