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A person who goes through a lot of pain and suffering in life which drives him insane. Hellwalkers are very secretive and cut the people they love right out of their life, they only believe in getting laid and/ or doing drugs. They are also known to be exceptionally hot and sometimes have a deep cynical tone.

P.S. - They are beasts at fighting, they have either extreme strength or a blade of some sort that they are very good with
John : Dude, did you hear about Axel, the guy went through so much shit in life, no surprise he's so secretive and behaves like a psychopath sometimes.

Alice : Well it just makes him seem hotter, you know in a dark twisted way? you know........

Adam : Yeah, what a total hellwalker
by axel.manning November 13, 2011
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(n): an anti-social sociopath that survived a NDE (near-death-experience), and is condemned to remain amongst the living.
(can often be referred as a “dead-man-walking” or “living corpse”)
After failing to commit suicide via drug overdose, John was forced to remain alive. This caused him too hate people even more and consider his life a living hell. He became a “hellwalker.”
by -☁- December 02, 2018
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