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a challenge held in the city of canterbury anually
The Canterbury “hellfire tour” 2009

1. have sex in weird places at least twice in one night
2. must shag as many races and genders as possible
3. come drinking with the pirate socirty after getting fake I.D. (and survive)
4. dress up as a legionnaire (or similar) and storm Chaucer/anselms school reception with at least two other people screaming “I DEMAND SATISFACTION!” until thrown out
5. walk into mcdonalds wearing only a box, and drop it saying in a scottish accent “TAKE A TASTE OF THIS BIG MAC!” and run out
6. have a nervous breakdown in ann summers
7. hold up a sigh saying “free sex women/men only” (depending on preference)
8. use one of Nathan blackalls chat up lines successfully
9. shit in a bag, set it on fire, put it on a doorstep, ring the doorbell and run
10. army crawl across a zebra crossing taking at least two minutes
11. run down the highstreet with a sock around the dong and a hood and cape
12. wear a gimp mask and leather harness and be walked through Canterbury on a leash
13. fit as many passing pedestrians into a phonebox as possible
14. organised practical joke on a member of the public
15. 1 person dresses as a squirrel chases another person (dressed as a nut seller) through Canterbury while the nut-seller screams “he’s after my nuts!”
16. attend a wedding/funeral uninvited dressed as death

Extra points are awarded for wearing fairy wings during the challenges, 3 points per challenge, this is known as “the fairy-wing bonus”
by Lunit October 21, 2009
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