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omg...helanna’s....they aren’t amazing, they are so nice, one the the sweetest people you’ll meet. they have their times of the month and they are definitely highlighted...but one that’s over they feel so bad if they were to hurt anyone. helanna’s loveeee animals especially dogs. they care so much about their significant other and if someone cheats it hurts them the worst. helanna love quality time, they will do anything to spend a little extra time with a family member or a friend. helanna also cares so much abt equality. she doesn’t care abt the color of your skin or your sexuality or your beliefs or religions! she just cares abe if you hurt other people in anyway. and if you do you better watch you back because she is not afraid to throw a punch to defend someone. she is to tough! she is definitely extremely into sports but also had a girly side. helanna has all the friends she could ask for!! and she cares about and loves all of them equally!! it’s amazing!!
guy 1: bro did you hear that someone cheated on helanna?
guy 2: whoever cheated must be so cold hearted she definitely doesn’t deserve that! she’s way to nice!
by abby rosetta November 15, 2018
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She is crazy and always wants food she is intelligent and has had it rough. She can hold a conversation well and is athletic. She will make you smile at her sense of humor with memes. She loves dogs and numerous other animals and is a softie when it comes to them hurt she will always be there to make you smile when you are sad. She will do anything and everything for you that she can! Love you Helanna and now you have a urban dictionary definition! Love all of the Chad’s!!
Where is helanna?

She is getting food. Again...
by Im_just_me3377 May 27, 2018
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