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something that gives a person a sense of dred and fear, also means it freakes the fuck out of a person
Ugly disgusting hairy insects give jojo and steve the heebe geebees.
by heebe geebees November 20, 2005
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Heebe gebees are symptomatic of RLS or Restless Legs Syndrome where any part of the legs may be affected by the sensation of ants crawling up and down under the skin and making it impossible to sit or lie still. With heebe geebees you can't remain still, so intense is the irritation. About 9% of the population has heebe geebees and there is no cure for this affliction at present. Although you may get an attack of heebee geebees during the daytime the affliction generally asserts itself at night when you go to bed.
I tossed and turned all night with heebe geebees.

I sat in a bath of cold water to quell the heebe geebees.

So bad were my heebe geebees I had to walk round the garden, but even then they only went away at dawn when I got some much needed sleep.
by John Trueman November 22, 2005
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