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One who has a passionate obsession for Hedi Slimane (former menswear designer of Yves Saint Laurent and Dior Homme). This includes, but is not limited to memorizing reference codes of his clothes, selling organs to fund a Napoleon Jacket, listening to only runway music from his shows, staring at other men's bottoms to check out if they have Dior jeans on, being able to recognize the amount of wear or washes (hopefully none of the latter) someone's Dior's have just from seeing them being worn, naming your kids after Hedi, and fasting to shorten the time until Hedi returns to fashion (and to get a better fit in his clothes!).
Hedislimaniac (pointing to man on street wearing Dior's): "WHOA! That dude over there is wearing the Jakes (Reference Code:7H3111080585) in size 28 from Fall/Winter 2007 Navigate by These New Puritans. He soaked them once in cold water after three months of wear, no hemming, those could easily fetch up to $600 on eBay, maybe $780 on"

Friend: "You are such a hedislimaniac."
by ojerd October 10, 2009
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