used as means of rejection or stating disbelief
Johnny: Dude I got a 97 on my pre calc test!

Ryan: HECK NAW! You must've sucked off the teacher because you dumb as HELL.
by JOTS July 11, 2008
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a term used by whitney housten to better personalize the phrase "oh hells no!". a wayyy more ghetto way of saying it.
hair dresser: whitney, i just saw bobby eat your cookies!
whitney:oh hecks to the naw!
by mofizzlenatch August 1, 2006
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Realizing something when it happens, and your first instinct to comment when someone does something horribly screwed up.
Example 1: "I stole all your taxpayer dollars." "OH HECK NAW!"
Example 2: "GYAT! You lookin fine!" "OH HECK NAW MAN!"
by hecknawman September 26, 2023
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Often used by Kurei as a reaction to a person who states your flaws but has flaws themselves that can be catastrophically used against them. The phrase is most usually used when Kurei is about to violate.

When paired with “boy aint no way boy,” it can create a devastating combo.
Person 1: “Don’t get me started with yo spongebob square shaped fat neck havin head ass”

Kurei: “Aw hecks naw, i know you not talkin”
by Kureitaro September 17, 2021
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