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The set of 15 or so songs that Clear Channelesque cookie-cutter format radio stations play at least once an hour 24/7 until their Major Record Label BitchMasters tell them (or pay them) to play something else.

If a song you like makes heavy rotation, you'll hate it in two weeks or less. If a song you hate makes heavy rotation, you'll want to pull your brain out through your ears. Changing the station won't help, since every format radio station across the continent plays the same friggin' 15 songs in heavy rotation.
The MILF anthem "Stacy's Mom" was a fun song until it made heavy rotation - now I don't even want to bang Rachel Hunter anymore.
by The Evil Steve August 31, 2005
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to sexually please someone very well
giselle would really like to put korey the ketchup in a heavy rotation
by maeghan June 14, 2004
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