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the true head nigga is MLT and bongrip, gangsters4lyf
MODE #superbowl +aohv MLT MLT MLT MLT
MODE #superbowl +aohv bongrip bongrip bongrip bongrip
TOPIC #superbowl :This channel now belongs to Project Insecurity
KICK #superbowl blackhole :lil dicc nigga
KICK #superbowl CANCER :lil dicc nigga
KICK #superbowl EliManning :lil dicc nigga
KICK #superbowl FuckYou :lil dicc nigga
KICK #superbowl scroll :lil dicc nigga
MODE #superbowl -ntrQTGPClJLf+k gangster4lyf
MODE #superbowl +Ie *!*@* *!*@*
MODE #superbowl +bbb chrono!*@* ak!*@* blowfish!*@*
KICK chrono :big dicc nigga
KICK ag :big dicc nigga
KICK blowfish :big dicc nigga
im the true headnig - MLT
by MLTbossnigga December 06, 2017
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