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a headbust is when you play a basic trick on someone. it can be a mind trick or a physical that 'busts their head'
guy1: *points over somewhere* oh shit look over there
guy2: *looks and doesn't see anything*
by headbustmasta May 07, 2007
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A word used when a person does something really stupid
"Yo Eyob, look at Daniel trying to kill Sean when the cops are right beside him!"
by rtrttttt December 20, 2017
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When something, or a specific situation, feels so mentally retarded that it feels like your head is going to literally break open.
Goon 1: “ Yoo xD I spent my whole welly check on dr00gs”
Goon 2: “.... You can always panhandle
Goon 1 & 2: “IT’S A HEADBUST TING!!!”
by wtsquaaxox May 21, 2018
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