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"I've been going to a head shrinker to deal with my anxiety problems and to make the voices in my head shut up."
by xido November 07, 2004
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We're too young to fall asleep
To cynical to speak
We are losing it
Can't you tell?

This, this is our new song
Just like the last one
A total waste of time
My iron lung

The headshrinkers
They want everything
My uncle Bill
My Belisha beacon
by 12mdkn4 March 23, 2008
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a psychiatrist or other mental "health doctor". Theyre "keywords" include I'm going to kill myself, I belive that I have powers, I heard a voice in my head telling me to do things, I cant pay attention in class, i cant think clearly, and im so fat. Well most of these people MIGHT be crazy, but a few of them ARENT.
not crazy guy:Do I have to visit that headshrinker?
paranoid parent: Yes you do I heard that you arent paying attention in class.
not crazy guy:wtf
by Devil Kisses April 27, 2009
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