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The act of hating bread. The social intolerance for anyone who tries to be nice to you. The act of making constant sexual references, rubbing other men's muscles, and "kissing them on the face". The notion of touching yourself to the thought of being molested by every band member of every metal band EVER. The thing you proclaim when you discover your husband/wife is gay. The act of threatening to kick someone's ass just because they're right, or won't do what you say. The act of becoming violent at the slightest joke made at your expense. The act of saying you don't care about being fat but losing 30 pounds over the summer.
"Hey you hatebreder4life stop touching me."
"Not only is that guy not straight, he's a complete hatebreder4life"
"I said no and the guy tried to beat my ass, what a hatebreder4life"
"'Dear hatebreder4life, I caught my son masturbating to same sex porn, please tell me what to do since you have experience in this matter"
by TheOrganizationOfTheArgonauts November 29, 2009
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