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Gay sex technique popular in the Hardcore Music Scene. Usually the respective singers of two bands will get down on one knee facing each other and clasp hands. The rest of the band/bands will line up behind them and pose for a picture, right before an oral gangbang of the two dudes on their knees holding hands.

Note* if you see two guys doing the hardstyle handshake WITHOUT a group of guys lined up behind them, this is usually an indicator that they are looking to blow at least 4 guys

Q: what's up with that retarded handshake those two guys are doin in front of those other guys?

A: they are getting ready to blow all those guys, and they just wanna hold hands while they do it. I think they really like each other. Its called the hardstyle handshake or something.
hardstyle handshake
by paultergeist March 10, 2014
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