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a threesome were a chick is on her hands and knees one dude doing doggy while the other cops head and they join hands over the top on her to form the sydney harbour bridge
mate this back packer bitch was on her hands and knees i was doing her doggy while bazz was copping head we were going this bitch something vicious then we decided to join hands over her and show her the harbour bridge.
by heres brucie November 22, 2011
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An act that recreates the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The testicles represent the pillars and the penis represents the arch of the bridge.

How to:
A testicle is placed into each eye socket and the penis is then draped over the nose into the mouth.
Jacko passed out so I gave him the Harbour Bridge.

Yeah mate she passed out so I gave her the Harbour Bridge, she had her mouth open so I didn't even need an e-tag to use the harbour tunnel.

Do it mate, Asian's love the Harbour Bridge.

It was Australia Day and she was 32, which was freaky cause it was finished in 1932. So to commemorate I built my own Harbour Bridge on her face.
by In like Flynn December 16, 2007
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