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Also known as "HaramKhor" or HK.
Origin: Hindi, Urdu.
Haram Khor means a person who earns his kicks by doing what he is not supposed to be doing.
For example, if an employee does nothing at office, he is a "Haram Khor".
Jimmi:"Whats Nomi doing so intently?, Has he got a new assignment ?"
Burri: "Nopes, He is just watching streaming movies."
Jimmi: "Arghhhh!!! He is a total Haram Khor."
by burhaan May 29, 2008
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Typically used to define someone who is corrupt, takes bribes and enjoys luxury at the expense of others. Such people are known for their extravagant lifestyle and wealth yet pretend to be poor. Typically Hippocrates or haramkhors justify their haramkhori (corruption) and are everybody's friend yet their only friend is money. Haram khors can be bought easily as money is the only motivating driver in their day to day lives.
"Iss ko haram khanay ki itni aadat par gayee hay kay yeh ab haram khor bun gaya hay"
by Anthony D'Souza March 09, 2017
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